Saving Time and Stress With Automatic Forex Trading

The Forex market is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities available today for the average individual. With just a small initial investment–and the proper training–one can control massive amounts of capital and make tremendous profits in a relatively short period of time.

However, to become a truly successful Forex trader, a massive time commitment is required. First, there is the time involved learning how to trade in the Forex market. In fact, most experts recommend that you spend at least a year trading a demo Forex account, so you don’t risk any money. That’s fine if you don’t need quick cash, but what if you want to trade Forex for a living? What if you need to turn a profit quickly?

The fact is, you must have at least some basic Forex knowledge to be successful. But, essentially, successful Forex trading is simply a matter of pattern recognition. When certain patterns are noticed on the Forex charts, predictable outcomes usually occur. Once you can read the charts, it’s easy money, right?

Wrong. Simply reading and reacting to a Forex chart is only half the battle. Once you recognize a favorable pattern and make your trade, you then must complete the second half of the task: managing the trade. I’m convinced that more people lose money in this phase of the Forex trade than at any other time. A trader recognizes a chart pattern and makes a good trade, but then doesn’t stick to the strategy. They either hold too long, or get out too early, causing them to miss out on profits, or worse, take a loss on the trade.

So how can this be avoided? The answer is simple: automated trading systems, also known as a Forex bot, or robot. These Forex bots can be programmed to recognize patterns, and trade accordingly. And, unlike a human trader, there is no emotion, fear, or greed involved. You set up the robot with your Forex strategy, and walk away.

Many traders are skeptical that a Forex robot can trade any better than they can. After all, a robot can’t “see” a symmetric triangle, or a head-and-shoulders pattern. So how can the robot be a good trader? The answer is very simple. Remember, no matter how complex a chart you’re used to looking at, behind that chart is just a series of numbers, nothing more, and nothing less. And ANY computer can crunch numbers and recognize patterns… therefore, any well-written piece of software can execute Forex trading strategies.

Now, this doesn’t mean that a trader can just “set it and forget it.” A Forex robot is only as good as the strategy the trader gives it. The best Forex robots allow traders to choose from a number of common strategies, tailor-made to fit the trader’s risk tolerance. This is why the trader must have at least a basic understanding of simple Forex strategies before investing in a robot. If you give the robot a bad strategy, it will execute a bad strategy, and cost you money.

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